How to Increase Traffic and Rankings with Content Marketing

This is the first article in our series, “Free Tips Friday”, where we will be bringing you articles that are jammed pack with tips and advice on how to grow your business with SEO and anything related to digital marketing.

Today’s free tips come from Jonathan Schlossberg out of Phoenix, Arizona. Jonathan is a successful entrepreneur and SEO expert who has helped several business owners gain tens of thousands of followers with his content marketing strategies.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is surely the most effective contributor of any SEO campaign. When done in the right way, it can help to increase traffic to your site and generate leads. A successful content marketing strategy is an ideal option to boost your business. A little known fact, if you can fix your on-page content you could literally jump pages in the ranks.

To know how you can get your site’s content a higher rank, here are some of the best practices followed by the industry.

1. Fresh Content

There is no limit to introducing fresh content to your site; hence, you should try to add as much original content as you can to make your site informative and engaging for the visitors. Because content is one of the most talked about ranking signal for the search engines, especially with Google, if you don’t continue to add new pages and posts to your page, your website will be considered less relevant.

So what an ideal content or how it is judged for its relevance and freshness? There are certain factors, which allow you to create perfect content, which is bound to rank higher among SERPs.

Some of them include:

  • Relevant and updated
  • Content that covers recent events and happenings
  • Engaging and persuasive
  • Genuine and authoritative content
  • Content with the right keywords and right density
  • Arranged with Anchor text and links

2. Reutilizing the Old Content

Although fresh content is the key to divert more traffic, this doesn’t suggest that you should ignore the already published content. By repurposing the content, you can analyze the content in more detail. This allows you to create different types of content without rendering them as repetitive or losing their value.

Apart from blog posts, you may also create another type of content by reutilizing your older material. For instance, you can create:

  • E-books
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Lists
  • How-to posts

3. Visual Content

Creating visual content has its own perks and one of them relates to our ability to process an image much faster than text. Hence, this type of content immediately grabs the attention of a visitor. It creates such an impression that persuades the visitor to stay longer on a specific page. Therefore, it serves the purpose to attract user’s attention.

4. Keywords Selection

This aspect is so important that the success of your SEO campaign relies on it. However, there is no need to run after the most competitive or hardest to rank for Keywords, rather the idea is to choose the right keyword for each page of your site.

When targeting the keywords with higher competition, you would find it harder to get your site a higher rank. So the wisest option is to use slightly different phrases, associated with the same concept.

5. How Content Can Enhance the User Experience

There is a strong and visible connection between content and user experience. In fact, there are numerous obvious reasons, which can affect the ranking of your site. Therefore, by creating a usable and readable content, you can multiply the chances of boosting the search ranking of your website.

In order to make your site Google-friendly, you need to post appealing, valuable and relevant content. Moreover, it should be easy to access content that is highly readable and offers the information that the visitors are looking for.

About The Author:

Jonathan Schlossberg, Holistic Made

Jonathan Schlossberg is co-founder of Holistic Made, an SEO + Digital Marketing Agency in Phoenix, Arizona.

Holistic Made was born when Jonathan, and wife Sascha, realized that business owners needed a more “whole-istic” approach to marketing as opposed to the cookie cutter strategies that didn’t consider the business owners needs.

Their Phoenix SEO company provides SEO, Social Media Management, and Lead Generation services for business owners throughout Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding areas.

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