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Google Ads Management Services

Google Ads management services is a great investment for local business owners who want more high quality leads. Google Ads is the best place for high quality leads because of the intent behind the search.  People who make a Google search for your services typically have intentions of hiring a company immediately after it's made.  We'll make sure your business is seen first with our Google Ads management services.

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Quality Leads for your business

Google Ads Management

At Peakify Marketing, we'll implement an effective Google Ads campaign will will result in receiving high quality leads on a daily basis.  We create cost-effective campaigns with thorough keyword research, competitor analysis, and detailed reporting.

Keyword Research

We'll research keywords and the costs to determine which keywords will provide the best ROI.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what competitors are doing will help us know exactly how to differentiate from them.

Campaign Creation

We build landing pages that are designed to improve conversion rates for website visitors. 

Detailed Reporting

We'll provide a detailed and transparent report of the campaigns performance.

Google Ads Case Study

How We Cut Spending by $600 and Delivered 55 More Leads


One company reached out to us because they believed they were spending too much money without seeing the results they were hoping for.

Unfortunately, they were right.  When we first got access to the Google Ads account, the previous company had generated only 10 leads in a month at a cost of $310 per lead.  They spent over $3,000 in one month for just 10 leads!

Luckily, their instincts kicked in and they called Peakify Marketing...

google ad campaign before
Google ad campaign after
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Google Ads Management with a Better ROI


Once we got access to the ad account, we did a clean sweep and reorganized the set up of the entire account. We added new keywords to focus on and weeded out irrelevant traffic by adding "negative keywords" to the list.

We wrote new ad copies with persuasive headlines and created new landing pages to increase conversions rates.

Not only did their conversions sky rocket from 10 to 65, but the cost per conversion decreased by over 87% from $310 to $38 per conversion.

We were able to decrease their spending by $600 while generating them 55 more leads in a single month!

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