SEO 90 Day Trial Money Back Guarantee

Start growing your business and improving your website's position in Google in just 90 days.  If you're not happy after the trial, you'll get your money back, no questions asked (psst...I've never been asked to refund money to my clients in 2 years of offering this.)

100% Risk Free SEO Campaign

Try our proven SEO strategies for 90 days, RISK FREE!  We make growing your business a breeze when we implement our SEO strategies.  We'll quickly have your website blowing past the competition on it's way to the top of Google.  You'll instantly start seeing an increase in more phone calls, more customers and more revenue for your business.  Join other like minded business owners who trust Peakify Marketing to grow their business.

What our SEO 90 Day Trial Includes:

  • Initial Keyword Report

    We'll send you a list of keywords that your website is ranking for prior to our SEO campaign

  • Boost in Rankings

    You'll receive a follow up report of the keywords being tracked, and how quickly we're able to boost their rank in Google

  • Google My Business

    We'll optimize your Google My Business listing. Our corrections will help get your website in the top 3 Google Maps 

  • Top 3 Google Maps

    We'll have your Google My Business listing featured in the top 3 Google Map Section  

  • 1st Page of Google

    We'll blow past the competition and have your website nearing the first page of Google within 90 days

  • ROI Like Never Before

    You'll deepen your pockets for years to come with our strategic local SEO services 

Some Say We're Wizards of SEO

Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook

Owner | Good Green Moving

Alex is an SEO wizard and our company has grown 40% this year since we started working together.
If your looking for someone who genuinely cares about what they do and will go above and beyond your expectations of what a SEO marketing agency can do, then, Peakify is your company.

khoi phan

Khoi Phan

Owner | Five Star Garage Door Service
Alex is like a magician when it comes to SEO!  Before we started working together, my website was on the 8th page of Google and now I'm at the top of the first page, and in the google map section. I can tell that he is truly looking out for me and what's best for my business. I would highly recommend Alex and his SEO company!


Local SEO Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

I'm confident that my SEO services will instantly grow your business and improve your website's ranking in Google in just 90 days.

With this 100% RISK FREE SEO 90 day trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in your business.

Don't waste your time getting burned by another SEO company when you can get started on the path to success with Peakify Marketing.


In my two years of offering an SEO 90 day trial, money back guarantee, I've never had a client request to refund their money.

That's because I get them results they've always been looking for.  Results that were promised by prior SEO companies who fell flat on their face when it was time to deliver.

I have a proven process that is customized to meet the needs and goals of the business owner.  My SEO campaigns trim the fat and only deliver what your business needs, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" plan that most SEO companies implement.

Typically my clients have seen anywhere between a 4x-10x return on their monthly investment in my SEO services.

I have helped clients double and triple the amount of phone calls they were receiving on a monthly basis.

I've even helped a client improve sales by 40% ($2 Million in Revenue) in just 9 months of an SEO campaign. 🤯He's been a loyal client for the past three years and we are still growing and expanding his reach to several other cities.

I work quickly to grow my clients business' because their success is my success.

I can only grow my business and provide for my family If I'm able to do the same for my clients.

As an SEO specialist, I genuinely want to end the struggles small business owners face when trying to grow their business.

Why continue feeling stuck in your business and burning through other unreliable SEO companies who aren't willing to invest in you the same why I am?

Why spend money on other SEO companies who lack transparency and only do "just enough" to keep you locked into your contract?

Test out my SEO services for 90 days.

If you don't like what you see after 90 days, then no money lost and you can be in the exact same position you are in right now.


You could give it a try now, and in 3 months you can be having more success in your business than you've ever had before.

Book your introductory 30 minute consultation with me today.  With just one phone call we'll determine together how we can move forward.


We Added over $2Million in Revenue in just 9 months for Jonathan

"Alex is an SEO wizard and our company has grown 40% this year since we started working together.  If your looking for someone who genuinely cares about what they do and will go above and beyond your expectations of what a SEO marketing agency can do, then, Peakify is your company."

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More Phone Calls that Lead to Paying Customers

380 phone calls for SEO clients

We Have Proven Organic Ranking Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

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More Testimonials From Happy Clients

Robert Martin review

Robert Martin

Owner | Purple Tie Guy
I have worked with may other SEO companies over the years but Alex is by far the best. His attention to detail is amazing and communication is second to none! If you're looking for SEO services to grow you business you're in the right spot. Thanks for all your help and support.

Alston Ke

Owner | Reliable Moving Inc.
Just want to say "Thank you very much for your fantastic work, Alex!" we couldn't be happier with the website design and seo work Alex did for us. We were not happy with the SEO company we had before and just by talking with Alex for the first 10 min, we just knew he's the right person for our job.

SEO Results That Have You at the Top of Google


Monthly Keyword Reports For Paying Clients

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