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So, you're a passionate business owner and you'd like to be able to run a business that you and your family can be proud of.  You have goals of becoming a house hold name in your industry and area, but you're in need of a consistent flow of high quality leads.

You're too busy running your business that there aren't enough hours in the day to watch YouTube videos on how to market your business online. That's why you need a trustworthy and reliable digital marketing agency to create a buzz for your business.

That's where Peakify Marketing comes in.

Need a new website or would like to redesign your old and outdated one?

Want to fill up your pipeline of qualified leads who are ready to pay you top dollar for your services?

Looking to improve your positioning online and build your brand?

Would you like your phone to start ringing more on a consistent basis?

We can do that.

If you're ready to start growing your business, then book your discovery call with us to determine if your business is a good fit for our services

How We'll Add Revenue for Your Business

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With our local search engine optimization services, we'll position your business at the top of search engines.  When people are searching online for services that you offer, you'll have the first chance at capitalizing on a sale before your competition.

For example, let's say you own "Larry's Landscaping" and you specialize in landscape designs.  Now, when people go to their favorite search engine (aka Google) looking for a local landscaper for their big backyard project, they may type in something like landscape designer near me, and then...


They're greeted with your business name and persuasive call to action (written by yours truly) that makes them tap a button to call you, or fill out information on your website to request a free quote.

You'll get the first crack at your ideal jobs and have a chance to capitalize on potential customers before your competitors do.  If you'd like to see if you qualify to partner with Peakify and receive our local SEO services, then give us a call for a free consultation


Responsive Website Designs

You may be losing out on potential customers because your website is too confusing and frustrating for visitors that land on your webpage in need of your services.

We'll build you a website that sends a clear message to your visitors of who you are and why the need to do business with you. We also make it easy for customers to navigate your website whether it's on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even their mobile phone.

What we're trying to say is, we build websites that build your business. Call today if you have a website design project that you would like to discuss with our professionals.

Google Ad Campaigns

When people go to Google to search for services that you offer (landscape designer, HVAC repair, bathroom remodel, junk removal service) then it means that they already have intentions to buy and they just need to find a reputable local company to hire.

With our management of your Google Ad campaign, we'll position your business at the very top so that you can capitalize on eager buyers before they ever get to your competition.

We'll build landing pages, create copy, and write compelling call-to-action headlines that will convert search users into paying customers. We have a proven system that generates leads on demand for local business owners everywhere.

Call us today for a free consultation if you have systems in place to handle an increase in quality leads month after month.

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Facebook Ad Campaigns

Advertising on Facebook allows you to connect with your ideal audience at the right place and the right time.  When we manage your Facebook Ad campaign, we'll build brand awareness and improve traffic to your website to generate high quality leads for your business.

We'll pinpoint your ideal customer by identifying their location, demographics, age, interest, and behaviors.  We then use the Facebook tracking pixel to create custom audiences and look alike audiences to deliver your ads to the right people at the right time.

We have a cost effective system for building facebook ads that will build your brand and your business.

Companies We Work With

  • General Contractors

  • Landscape Designers

  • Roofers

  • Lawyers

  • HVAC

  • Painters

  • Junk Removal

  • Plumbers

  • Carpet Cleaners

  • Towing Companies

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Home Builders

  • Construction

  • Restaurants

  • Dentists

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